Best green innovations of the past decade

Best green innovations of the past decade

The issues we face with regard to the environment and our health are vast. They extend from global warming, conserving biodiversity and energy to air quality and water purity.

Cutting out all forms of technology would be impossible as we are heavily dependent on technology to support  our daily living habits.To help make joining the green revolution easier, a number of gadgets and other advanced technology has been invented. So replace the old polluting items with new eco friendly ones.

  • Solar cookers– With the help of the sun you can now cook your food! By using a solar cooker once or twice a week you will save a significant amount of gas at the end of the month. Notice a reduction in your gas bill?
  • Solar water heaters– As solar power is available in abundance, use it to heat your water too.
  • Smart thermostats–  This device has seen tremendous growth in recent times. The wireless device uses remote data mining, sensors and HVAC technology that has already been around to form that helps maintain room  temperatures.Best green innovations of the past decade
  • SMART METERS–  With the help of smart grids and smart meters we can use our scarce resources like electricity and water more efficiently. Smart meters for electricity  encourages efficient use of electric appliances while also reducing our energy bills. Similarly, smart grids for water can reduce wastage of water by preventing leakages. By using these devices we can ensure a huge reduction in the wastage of  other resources while we obtain more utility from existing resources.
  • MOLTEN SALT STORAGE– Molten salt, used in solar energy production, has the ability to store energy for future use.  The surplus heat during the day heats up large amounts of salt, which has the ability to absorb and store large amounts of heat. This salt can then be used to generate steam or run  electric turbines in the absence of the more information about molten salt storage at
  • Hybrid and electric cars– If cycling or walking is not your cup of tea,you can still travel with Eco friendly automobiles.
    A conversation regarding green technologies for the future is incomplete without the mention of electric cars. New, wireless technology, which will be manufactured with installed devices, will be able deliver electric power to moving vehicles. Although Such vehicles are currently undergoing road tests in South Korea.
  • LED lights– Replace your incandescent lights with LED lights. Now that these lights are cheaper than before installing these instead of bulbs can help save a lot of electricity.

With the availability of ‘smart’ thermostats,’smart’ bath fans and ’smart ’irrigation, we can change our lives and change our world.

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Alternative ways to go green

Alternative ways to go green

When a term like ‘going green’ comes up in a general conversation we naturally begin to think about clean diets. But we can adapt a greener form of living in our day to day lives. Greener living refers to a more Eco conscious lifestyle which can help us and the environment by following it on a day to day basis. A cleaner greener lifestyle should be implemented by everybody in different aspects of life. Adopt new,eco friendly ways. You can begin at home!

  • One of the major energy consuming factors in the United States could be attributed to heating, cooling and controlling temperatures. Fitting insulation within the walls and the floors would help thicken them.By absorbing heat and preserving the rooms temperature, the insulation decreases the energy consumption of a heater tremendously.The Green Deal helps you make energy-saving improvements to your home and find the best way to pay for them read more about it at
  • Alternative ways to go greenReducing energy consumption can start with a simple switching off of switches that are not in use. Switching off unused lights will help kickstart your eco friendly conscience.
  • Abide by the 3 R’s- reduce,reuse and recycle. If leading companies can adopt the policy, we can too. Recycling products is a relatively old concept by now. Find new creative ways to manage your waste instead of just dumping it away. Donate your waste paper to top green companies that could use it to make paper bags.
    In a survey  conducted on plastic bottles it was found that about 30 billion plastic water bottles are produced yearly in the United States and from these only 20 percent are recycled.
  • Install energy saving technology like solar water heaters. Although installing these gadgets are a bit expensive, it will surely cut you’re your electricity bill In the long haul.
  • Avoid driving if the journey is short distanced. Carpool or walk it out. Take the train or bus for long distances.
  • If using your own private vehicle helps you travels better, then opt for a cycle for short distances. Hybrid and electric cars have gathered a lot of popularity in recent times. Try out a non polluting vehicle for a more about Hybrid cars by clicking here
  • Planting trees is the best way you could give back to nature. There are many fast growing shade trees that you could plant in particular areas in the backyard or near the windows which could help reduce the heat of the sun in hot areas.
  • If you have a home grown garden, use the scraps of food as fertiliser. There are many ways to recycle and reuse things. Stop chucking everything away and adding to the heap of waste collected at the landfills!

By curbing our bad habits of water wastage and extensive paper consumption  not only will it help trim your monthly bills, you will notice a change in your personal habits and health too. So start today for a better greener tomorrow.

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Go green

Top ten green companies

With the rapid increase in developing countries and stiff competition among booming economies there has been an adverse effect on the environment. Repetitive natural calamities and the biggest problem we face today ‘ global warming’ are results of this development rat race between nations. Thankfully, companies are making a conscious effort to preserve Mother Nature. From investment companies to fashion houses, everybody is gradually joining the go green are some of the best green innovation past decade.

Adobe systems– By using 97 percent of its annual electricity from green sources like biogas and wind , Adobe generates 18 percent of their green energy on site.This software system ranked 2nd on Newsweek’s Green Rankings with a score of 84.4 for their eco friendly ways.

Apple– This electronic giant started is known for using renewable sources of energy and also started their very own separate Apple solar farm generating 18 percent of the energy which is consumed daily on site. Based on Bloomberg’s survey Apple uses about 85 percent of their energy from biomass, biogas, wind and solar more about biomass at

Go greenMicrosoft– The software tycoon claimed a spot on both Bloomberg’s and Newsweek’s green rankings. 79 percent of the company’s annual energy comes for biomass, wind and solar energy. All of their energy comes from Renewable Energy Certificates but they do not produce any energy on site.

Johnson and Johnson– The healthcare brand’s clean track record shows that they care for the environment too. Today, the Eco conscious brand is the second largest user of solar power is the United States and is known for using only clean green resources for energy consumption.

Coca cola enterprises– This world famous company started recycling programmes and sustainable packaging for their products.

Home Depot– The wooden furniture hub turned things around and refused deforesting old wood tree forests.

Hewlett – Packard- Recycles old computer products making them 100% reusable.

Dell– Probably one of the greenest tech companies today, Dell, started programmes to safely dispose theirs and other companies computer parts. The company also appeared 10th of Bloomberg’s list. 47 percent of the power that they utilise comes from natural resources like biogas, wind and solar.

Goldman Sachs Group– The profit garnering firm has invested 1.5 million dollars on new environment programmes.

Bank of America– By cutting paper usage by 32% in the early 2000s, the firm has proved that along with business profit the environment can profit too. according to statistics with the bank’s internal paper recycling programmes 30,000 tonnes of paper are recycled annually which could be compared to saving 200,000 trees a year!

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